A negative attitude toward wetlands along with an ignorance regarding them and a lack of awareness about their value has often led to their destruction. Navi Mumbai is home to a lush wetland reserve, which is steadily deteriorating. A considerable effort from NGOs represented by Mr. Stalin (Vanashakti) and Mr. Punshi (NMEPS) have now made the stretch safe from degradation and rampart destruction. Their sustained efforts have lead to formation of a Wetland Grievance Redressal Committee and many positive reforms for wetland conservation. To continue the momentum of their efforts it is imperative that a comprehensive education of local people and interdisciplinary cooperation between various faculties are initiated to change the perception of the importance of protecting these vulnerable ecosystems in Navi Mumbai. Students of Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Kharghar along with mentors, Pahlavi Latkar and NMEPS worked over two months to come up with a design for a Mangrove Park at the Palm Beach Road, Vashi.

Dr.Pallavi Latkar is an Architect, Town Planner and an Environmental researcher. Pahlavi is the founder director of an environmental planning research organization “GRASSROOTS Research and Consultancy” since 2005, through which she is spearheading research and practice towards Spatially Integrated Environmental Planning methodologies. She has been involved in Environmental Conservation projects with a focus on the urban hydrology with the State authorities. 
NMEPS - The residents of Navi Mumbai were concerned about the destruction of mangroves, lakes and wetlands in Navi Mumbai. These are environmentally important, ecologically sensitive and are natural habitats for migratory birds. The residents have been taking up the issues with the authorities over last several years but there was very little response. The concerned residents, therefore, decided to form Navi Mumbai Environment Preservation Society.
NMMC - The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is the municipal organisation of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. On 17 December 1991 NMMC was constituted by the Maharashtra Government for catering to the requirements of 29 villages in CIDCO Navi Mumbai project.